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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  July 22, 2010 3:30am-4:00am PST

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diane's interview on our brand-new application for the th san francisco shoppers could be knowing target soon. they plan to open two stores by zbling good morning. i'm meteorologist kristine hanson. we still have a lot of fog, heavy fog this morning. but warmup temperatures coming up. >> and frances dinglasan, live look at san mateo bridge, major
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construction going on and possible street closures in east richmond due to a water main break. >> good morning. i'm kristen sze. police and firefighters are out at san francisco airport are investigating how half a dozen cars went up in flames in the parking lot. teresa garcia is live at the airport. >> not every day you see this situation. the car fires were reported just after midnight. i'm going to show you. you've got the car fires in the outdoor lot from the long term parking the arson investigators are still on the scene collecting evidence. with all these cars parked to each other, it's really lucky somebody spotted the fires. a manager said it started in one car and spread to half a dozen others. that is because they are parked head to head in the stalls.
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it is believed the car in which the fire began was parked in long time has been marked there since july 1. when the passengers return to pick up the cars, they are not going to be happy when they are confronted with there damage. an airport spokeswoman will be meeting with us shortly. we'll continue to bring you updates. live at sfo, teresa garcia, "abc 7 news." >> this morning, bart's board are deciding what to do with the budget surplus. they proposed using half the surplus for a fare reduction but three-quarters of transit riders actually opposed lower fares. sbeas show riders would rather use the money to clean carpet and seats. >> bart directors are consider a plan to get the airport
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connector back on track. community groups are holding a rally to urge the board not to approve a new funding plan to build a people move her linking it with the airport. they were denied $70 million for the $484 million project. since then the transit agency has tried to come up with an alternate plan. >> mark it bull's-eye, target is closer than ever to open their chain in the city. one at geary and one at masonic and the other south of market. they met with the community to win their support. >> in a city historical suspicious of big box stores the reception was warm. san francisco residents who traveled to this target were
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equally satisfied to hear that target babtd to move into the old mervyn's department store. it would be the first target. >> it would be great. >> so this is ten miles from where i live, it was two. >> big concern is traffic. >> i doubt that her vince attracted the same amount of traffic that target can attract. >> they want more bus service at the intersection and they want services that meet urban needs. >> you consider deliveries because so many people want to walk or use their zbleix these are suggestions they want to hear because it will be the first urban concept store customized for san francisco. >> san francisco is very hip market. we understand that. we will be designing accordingly. >> at the same time they are
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proposing an equal sized store south of market. both would provide 200 jobs each and they could open by the spring of 2012. >> target says it hasn't projected a tax base yet. they want to pass this phase before it smuts an application for a use use permit. >> 4:35. oakland city council meets tonight the consider which want to put in front of voters. they include a $350 tax to pay for police services or expanding the utility tax to include water usage and water collection. they are also looking at a tax on 12% on medical marijuana sales. they approved a plan on tuesday night that would allow four pot
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growing operations in the city. >> an investigation is underway in the shooting of a suspected marijuana grower by santa clara sheriff's deputies. it happened at a large pot farm in a remote area ten miles south of the park. during a raid, deputies shortstop and killed the suspected grower. no officers were injured. investigators won't say if there are other suspects or if they made any arrests. oakland will pay $6.35 million to cement a lawsuit involving dozens of illegal search warrants. some homes were ransacked during the searches. >> houses were being searched that were the wrong houses, even at the time they knew them to be wrong. people were being harassed in these houses. in some cases we found that the
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informant that served as a basis for the police officer to claim that the drugs were obtained, were non-existent. >> 104 people were affected. several officer is were fired. $2 million of the settlement will come from city coffers and the remained her be paid by insurance. it's not your imagination, some of the coldest days you've seen in san francisco and it looks like we're going to continue that today. >> we're going to continue to see pretty -- we're looking at temperatures and readings in the 50s. we've seen a lot of fog once again. windshield wipe ers over the waldo grade. that will be the case once again today. 52. a half moon bay, 58 and 58 in oakland. very similar to what we saw
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yesterday. still a little bust fog all the way into fairfield. 55 in antioch and in livermore. our forecast calls for a lot of fog through the morning hours but fog is going to thin out, a bit more sunshine. we'll see persistent cloud cover at the coast. seven-day outlook, liberty chilly nights and morning, day time temperatures will be in the 70s and 80s. we're going to see a bit of a warming trend over the next several days. that is a look at our weather. we have water main break, let's check in with frances. >> in east richmond, breaking news, apparently the water main break is so big that it has flooded several houses. this is on francisco way and also on carquinez avenue. we have terry mcsweeney heading over there right now.
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you want to avoid those streets. hayward, road work, usual connection ramps closed until 5:00 in the morning. southbound 880 to jackson street to highway 92. that should be cleared in the next 20 minutes. >> thanks a lot. we'll bring you the latest on the richmond water break. still ahead, firefighters investigate a fast moving grass fire that burned dangerously close to homes. terminator versus mel
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good morning. it's 4:41 on this thursday. i said wednesday earlier, can you believe that? another cup of coffee for me, maybe you, too.
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a suspicious fire that burned near suisun city quickly spreading at one point tame up can a tow yard before firefighters put it out. there was a fire in the same area on tuesday. >> a san francisco superior court judge is expected to rule whether or not aliota will be termed out of the office. she thinks she should be able to run again in november. she was appointed by gavin newsom when he became mayor. she was elected to fill out the term. alito says that it's for two terms and she was elected to just one. city attorney says term limits apply. >> governor swarzenegger says she was only kidding when she
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mocked mel gibson. >> good news that bp has contained the oil leak. that is good news. finally. [ applause ] the bad news is nobody has figure out how to contain mel gibson. [ laughter ] >> the governor made the comments while speaking to utility commissioners. he was referring to audio recordings reported to be of gibson berating his ex-girlfriend and uttering racial slurs. gibson's spokesman says he is happy to hear the governor has a sense of a humor. >> hayward police asked for public's help for finding a missing boy. >> is eight great white shark or not? just ahead, the two that look
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alike that may be causing a scare. >> a fired government worker gets a new job offer. what is next? i'll have the that story coming up. >> governor swarzenegger was referring to bp, the complications of a new storm brewing in the gulf of mexico the oil cleanup efforts. [ male announcer ] using frontline plus shows your pet you care... by unleashing a complete killing force against... ...fleas and ticks. and not st grown fas. unlike other products from your vet, ...frontline plus also kills flea eggs and larvae, ...and keeps killing for 30 days -- on dogs and cats. that's why it's... .the #1 choice of vets for their pets, and yours. there's killing,
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>> it's 4:46. >> hayward police are trying to locate a missing boy with autism. matthew bonds ran away from a class on princeton avenue yesterday nephew and has not been seen system. they say he is emotionally unstable. he has run away at least six times in the last two years. in the previous incident he was found at nearby bart stations. bonds is 5'7" weighing 180 pounds. >> bay area beachgoers are being warned about sharks in the water. there have been several sightings. they have seen off the beach at capitola. here is more from lisa amin gulezian. >> the signs are you were and beachgoers are paying attention.
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they posted the signs after surfers reported two great shark sightings. a local diver is seen highway has seen three great whites in three weeks. >> i think the sharks cruise along the outside. normallyer seen they every other year and i've never seen them this close to the shore. >> they have been seen in this area from september to january but this time the sighting started in june. >> are you convinced this is a great write? >> no. >> he is with the atlantic shark research foundation. basking sharks are mistaken for greater whites is more likely to swim this these waters. this photo was taken near big sur. it belongs to a basking shark. they expect the signs will draw more people to the beaches? >> people go down they might see
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one. it's a needle in a haystack. i don't know if it keeps them out of the water. >> the beach was packed and plenty of people were in the water. >> i'm still going out. i'm on vacation. you come here to go in the water. >> some did heed the warning and is taking their own precaution. >> i don't think i'm going swimming but it's fine for me. >> beach and water is not close to the public, lifeguards are on alert. lisa amin gulezian, "abc 7 news" >> you know what, today may not be the greatest beach day, that is if you like it on the warm spot, that is something we're not going to have. very much fogged in. >> yesterday was almost winter like. we're starting to see, you can see from the live shot, we've
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got pretty good visibility but we're seeing a little bit of drizzle, along the coast and peninsula and san francisco bay. we'll see a bit more sunshine today, we're still chilly out this morning. 58 degrees in oakland, 53 in in fairfield. gray, foggy start to the day but clearing a bit earlier and slightly warmer temperatures. after being in the 50s, record-breaking cold, we'll see low 60s. warmer inland temperatures but not a lot of change in the weather pattern. that is going to keep fog over us in the next few days. this trough in the pacific northwest. that has cooled inland areas. it allowed south-southwest winds to stay there. this is moving off to the east of us.
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we'll get slight northwest winds and change in wind direction will help with earlier clearing. here is the fog, most of the fog clearing back clearing back to san francisco. yesterday we are socked in through most of the day. that translates warmer weather with typical 90-degree temperatures inland. our state temperatures will be warmer today, start the see 80s and 90s in the centrality valleys. no hundred degree temperatures quite yet. here is the forecast. 82 in pleasanton. 68 in oakland. 70 in hercules. south bay 80 degrees. san jose, morning clouds but afternoon sunshine. 76 in milpitas. a lot of fog close by but mid to upper 60s in south bay. san francisco, one of those gray
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foggy days that is more winter like temperatures but today, we'll see a bit more sunshine. north bay temperatures, 79 downtown santa rosa. windsor will be in the 80s and ukiah, 84. 84 in morgan hill. and it will continue with summer like regime with fog coastside. >> good morning. we have good news in east rip monday. east bay mud knocked the water main break very quickly. terry mcsweeney arrived at the scene, no water, streets are open. you're good to go through the area. what you'll notice freeway traffic is green, westbound 80 no problems. we have a live shot bray bridge toll plaza, looks like there a
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little bit of a wait. we'll head over to 680 in walnut creek, there was early morning accident, but that is not slowing anybody down. highway 4 is looking good. southbound 680 through the valley and also down in the south bay. live shot, 280 and 17 interchange in san jose. no accidents to worry about, but mr. updates at, under the bay area traffic link. >> the deep sea effort to plug the ruptured oil well is at a standstill this morning. they are waiting to see if an approaching storm becomes stronger. this is a live look at the well head. on the surface, cleanup ships
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are prepared to evacuate if a tropical storm develops. work has stopped on a secondary well to relieve pressure. a new report says workers on the deep water horizon were concerned about safety before it exploded. >> agriculture department official that was fired for. just this morning shirley sherrod says she is now getting hate mail and is thinking about conserving the blogger who started the controversy. >> in 48 hours, shirley sherrod went from a forced resignation to a reinforced public apology. >> this is good woman and she has been put through hell. i asked for her forgiveness. >> miss sherrod has earned an apology. i would do so on behalf of this
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administration. >> the about-face developed as quickly, as conservative blogs and cable tv talked about a farmer who needed her help. based on the speech they asked her to resign without pressure from the white house, but it turns outer the speech continued with how she helped the farmer and still has his support today more than 20 years later. >> i've come a long ways. >> what happened, it took too long but it makes me feel better. >> he visited the congressional black caucus where they said shirley sherrod needs a new
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place in government. >> she is going to talk it over with the family whether deciding the take with it. >> in concord, health officials are giving away free vaccines this evening. whooping cough has been on the rise in the state with five facts dying of the disease already this year, actually six. it's very contagious and serious for young children. they say anyone who lives at home with a baby should be immunized. the vaccine which will be administered, it protects against whooping cough and includes a tetanus and diphtheria. it's being held in concord music program on willow pass road. >> san francisco is dining a nay wing. company is involving a museum at the world trade center site in new york. san francisco museum of modern
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arts is celebrating 75th anniversary. it's been at the location for 15 years. the planned $215 million expansion expected to open in 2016 and include more than 1,000 paintings and sculptures from the collection of donald fisher the late founder of the gap clothing chain. >> arson or an accident? flames damaged several cars parked at sfo overnight. oakland police investigate the latest homicide, a person gjd down overnight. [ fema announcer ] this is a strawberry pop tart. but this is warm, fresh-baked strawberry toaster strudel. [ music ] see the difference?
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